l. Introducing "Test Site" for Ken

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1. Please send  Daniel an Audio or Video 'Get Well' by clicking the Button on the left.

2. Send  YOUR Friends the web address www.getwelldaniel.club so they can do the same as in video below.

Thanks for Caring!


ll.Metropolitan Opera Star Sang Herself Right Into Our Hearts!


Metropolitan Opera Star Sang Herself Right Into Our Hearts!

Posted by dprins @dprins, Sat, Jan 4 11:13pm
A few years ago, my beloved brother Bart got seriously ill, and I set up a 'Get Well' Blog for him.
I added a AUDIO/VIDEO recording feature and invited folks to send their AUDIO or VIDEO 'Bart, Get Well' message. The response was overwhelming!
We learned that for a lot of folks buying and sending flowers or even a 'Get Well' Card and stamps are a hassle. Making a personal phone call becomes harder over time if you never reached out before……….
But recording and sending an Audio or Video Message is easy — and a much more personal thing! Plus you can invite other friends to do the same!
Caregivers we know love to set this up for their patients. It is so easy and often makes for a better, happier patient. Just imagine you're sick and you get a VIDEO from an old Army buddy you haven't seen in 30 years!
One of OUR highlights was a message from Metropolitan Opera Star Lisette Oropesa who sent a great 'Get Well' video – via her smartphone AND during an opera performance. So thoughtful!!